Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Slater – Chic Modern Luxury at its Finest

Affordability fused with style, modern beauty and substance is what The Slater is all about. With a definite flair for modern living, great amenities and a relatively low starting price, The Slater is truly an ideal building to move to. With so much to offer, The Slater adds a whole new dimension of extravagance to the already sleek and spectacular Ottawa, Canada. Here is a closer look at this architectural masterpiece.

Ottawa is one of the premier locations in Ontario, Canada. In fact, the city is fast becoming one of the most popular and stunning cities in Ontario. In fact, according to Mercer, Ottawa’s quality of living has been ranked the 2nd highest in the Americas.

The Slater is where it should be, located in the central business district of Ottawa. To be precise, The Slater is located at 199 Slater St. The Slater is close to the Parliament, Rideau Canal, nightlife, shopping malls, cafes, entertainment and recreational centers and areas.
No premier location would be perfect without the right variety of amenities. When it comes to amenities, The Slater brings you a number of lavish and extravagant amenities. Located on the 5th floor, The Slater offers a number of amenities, including:
  •              A large terrace, split into 3 sections
  •              Outdoor hot tub
  •              Modern games room
  •              Private theatre
  •              Huge club lounge and dining areas, complete with fireplaces
  •              Modern and fully equipped fitness centre

The Slater has some of the most interesting and spacious condos to hit the market. The Slater offers studio, one bedroom and two bedroom condos, bedroom and den combos and penthouses. With sizes ranging from 408 Sq. Ft. to 1,578 Sq. Ft., The Slater has almost every type of condo covered.
Almost every condo comes with its own private balcony. Naturally, the larger the floor plan the larger the balcony. Best of all, every condo, even studio condos, have been designed in such a way that they are all very spacious, giving you plenty of space to move around.
Starting Price

When looking at premier property, or any property for that matter, price is always a huge factor that can either make or break a deal. When it comes to The Slater, it is hard to imagine anything less than a premium price for such extravagant and chic living. However, that is not entirely true.
The Slater manages not only to provide a boastfully high quality of living; it does so at an affordable price. You can own a piece of this prestigious building for as little as $198,900.
When looking for a residential locality that fuses modernity, beauty and practicality, The Slater definitely is one of the first places to check. Taking a glance at the interior, the starting price of $198,900 seems to be quite a steal. With a range of extravagant amenities, a hustling yet peaceful neighbourhood and exceptional nightlife, what more could anyone want? Truly, 199 Slater St is one of the most “it” locations on the map.

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