Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Moving Costs- Things to Think About

When you buy or rent a property there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Down payment, mortgage costs, and moving costs are all a part of the homebuying process. Moving costs are related directly to the time and money that is required when you move to a new place.

Renting or buying real estate in Ottawa is easy if you have a good real estate agent. The move from one living space to another can be costly. But if you are buying a house, it would be a onetime move as you would not be changing houses that often. If you are renting a new property then you should consider the costs that are involved with the move.

What Do You Own?

It does not matter where you are currently living, even if it is in a studio apartment, there are furniture and appliances and many other things that you will want to take with you to your new house. Most of the things that you own can be boxed easily and transferred to your new place through your car. It is however difficult to fit your bed or the sofa in any standard vehicle that you or your friends own.

For things like these, you will either have to hire a moving company or rent a truck. If you have delicate and breakable pieces of crockery or decoration, you will have to pack them carefully. The extra padding around each piece means that you will have to use a bigger box. In turn, the box will take more space in the car and you will have to make more trips. The best way to avoid this unnecessary hassle is to hire a moving company or rent a truck.

When to Move?

When you are moving from one rental apartment to another or to a new house, you will probably wait till the last day before you leave your rental. If you wait till the last day, you’ll just have that one day to clear the apartment or house out..

This is not enough time to move. If you are moving your belongings on your own, you will have to make frequent trips to the new place making it exhausting and time consuming. Not to mention the amount of money you will spend on gas. The process of moving is stressful and requires time and money. You have to first pack and then unpack everything. The time of packing and unpacking will depend directly on the number of things that you own.

Other costs that can be included in the moving process are miscellaneous costs that you would usually not consider. Boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap will also cost you some money. You will also have to pay different utility companies when they set up equipment in your new place (if your house is brand new).

Be sure that you are ready to cater all these costs when you look for real estate in Ottawa.
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