Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Research Your Home Builder

If you are buying a house that has just been constructed or you want to build a house, it is important that you research the builders and check their credentials. There are a few qualities that all builders should have. If a builder does not possess these few essential qualities then the builder might not be qualified and their skills may be questionable.

Homes in Ottawa are built by many different builders. They can be small builders building a few homes a year or can be large builders that build thousands of homes a year.

When you select a house and a neighbourhood, do not forget to look at the people who have built the house. Ask your real estate agent questions about the builder. Ask who built the home. How many homes do they build in year? What are the after sales services that they offer to buyers? Are they full-time builders or part time builders? These are the few questions that every home buyer should ask. You should thoroughly check the builder before you buy a house that they built.

You should also be careful of part time builders, they usually do not have enough experience and they are not up to date with the current market trends. When you investigate builders, check whether they have an industry certification or not. Also check if the builder is an R-2000 builder or not. Ask the builders if they are registered with Canadian Home Builders Association, Urban Development Institute or the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute

It is important for all home builders in Ottawa to be registered with the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan and also be a part of third-party new home warranty program. The next thing you need to know is what kind of houses the company usually builds. Do they target a particular niche of homeowners and cater to their specific purposes or do they cater to all types of homeowners?

Most builders are aware of the new housing trends like Flex Housing and Health Housing. Check if your builder is aware of such terms. Also, verify if the builder has won any national awards. These awards can help you shortlist builders because you can trust them to have all the basic regulations implemented properly.

To further understand the builder, check the model homes they have. Look at them carefully. Inspect the doors, floors, cabinets, ceiling, roof and plumbing along with other things. Give proper time to the exterior and interior of the house. There is no harm in touring a site that is under construction. However, you should first ask the builder and get approval from them. Buying homes in Ottawa may seem to require a lot of legal considerations, however if the builder fulfills all the requirements, you will avoid a lot of legal complications that may arise in the future.
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