Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Stage Your Home: Choosing the Right Furniture

When you are ready to sell your house, you have to look into certain aspects. Staging a house may seem as simple as decorating or cleaning, but these factors should not be taken lightly because they will help potential buyers see how warm and loving the house is. Ottawa real estate agents may ask you to place furniture in a more strategic manner. Staging a house is all about getting your home ready for the debutant ball. You have to make sure everything is perfect.

The first thing you have to do is get rid of all the clutter you have lying around the house. If you buy new furniture, make it a replacement for existing furniture. Adding furniture and not getting rid of its older counterparts can make the house look smaller and crowded.

You should also try to avoid placing the furniture against the wall. It is a common misconception that placing the furniture against the wall will make a room look bigger. Position couches and chairs in groups so that you can move around the room and converse easily in groups.

Experiment your home’s d├ęcor by moving furniture, decorations, and art pieces around different rooms. Your living room and drawing room furniture can be shifted easily from one room to another. That nice coffee table in your living room may look even better with a couple of chairs in the drawing room, library or study room.

If you have a corner or a room that is seldom used and you use it mostly to store things, repurpose it. Adding a few pieces of furniture and organizing the junk that is lying around may go a long way and increase the offers your home generates.

The lighting of a staged home is very important. It gives a very warm and welcoming look. Make sure that the lights are working properly and that there is at least one light every 50 square feet. If you have just one fixture in a big room, add in other types of lights such as lamps.

If you have a small room, paint it in a colour that makes it look bigger. Use light colours, paint the dining room and kitchen the same colour if you can. If you still are not satisfied with the staging you have done, hire a professional home stager with the help of your real estate agent in Ottawa.

A perfectly staged home can be the forum for a successful open house. Ensure that you follow the tips mentioned above to appeal to the home buyers that view your home. Satisfying more than a few of them may even open up a bidding war between the buyers and you may earn more for your home than its appraised property value.
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