Monday, May 27, 2013

Distillery Warehouse Lofts–Industrial-inspired Luxury

The industrial age gave us some of the sturdiest, stylish and grandest buildings mankind has ever seen, structures we deem to be architectural marvels. What if the beauty, style and space that these industrial buildings provided could somehow be infused with today’s technology and needs? Distillery Warehouse Lofts provides the perfect blend of old and new, fusing the industrial age with contemporary style, space, luxury and affordability.

Legendary Architecture and Location

Legend has it that Distillery Warehouse Lofts is on a site where a secret distillery warehouse was once built. This warehouse stood the test of time and provided ample space to hide thousands of kegs of whiskey.

Bringing the legend to life, Distillery Warehouse Lofts takes the industrial warehouse legend and fuses it with Nouveau Industrial Style, space and luxury, to create legendary loft style suites.


Distillery Warehouse Lofts provides a list of modern amenities, perfect for any contemporary suite lifestyle. Amenities include:

·        Fully equipped gym

·        Multi-purpose rooms with kitchens

·        Ski and bike tune up areas

·        Spa

·        Bike storage area

·        Locker rooms

·        Parking

·        Large living area

·        Private theatre

Loft-style Suites

The use of natural stone, wood, industrial grade materials, stainless steel and high-grade glass create a living space that is spacious, practical and flexible. Loft-style suites are available with a total area ranging from 640 to 1134 Sq. Ft. including the gallery or terrace.

Industrial loft elements such as small brick walls, 9’ high ceilings and 84” solid doors (with heavy duty chrome handles and door knobs) are typical in every suite.

Double-pane aluminum windows allow natural light to bathe the suite in warmth while reducing the amount of penetrating UV light.

The living room and bedrooms are lined with pre-engineered, sound resistant hardwood floors while washrooms incorporate mosaic tiles in the most intricate and unique designs.

All washrooms have oversized glass showers, white soaker tubs, floating vanities, designer lighting fixtures and chrome bathroom accessories.

Each suite has a terrace or gallery that can be accessed by sliding glass doors. As the architecture indicates, each gallery and terrace has wrought iron style railings and planters. The walls of each gallery and terrace combine stone and brick veneers.

Starting Price

With so much to offer to any potential suite owner, perceivable prices could range in the mid $500’s. However, as stated before, Distillery Warehouse Lofts fuses key style and architectural elements with affordability. Loft-style suites start from $246,800. Furthermore, for a limited time, reservations also come with 6 free appliances.

With so much to offer at such an affordable rate, such an offer is too tempting to let slip. With an exterior like no other, modern amenities and an interior that will have owners gasping in awe, Distillery Warehouse Lofts truly is a spirited legend rising.
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