Friday, May 31, 2013

Alta Vista –A Neighbourhood Unlike Any Other

When searching for a neighbourhood that offers great schools, parks, a friendly atmosphere and an incredibly strong sense of community, Alta Vista is the place for you. The neighbourhood of some 25,000 people, located on Ottawa’s east side, provides a living experience unlike any other in Ottawa. Here is a more detailed look at this amazing neighbourhood.


One of the most important reasons people move to Alta Vista is the affordable housing. Many properties are listed at highly affordable prices making them a great buy. Additionally, the building of new luxury condos has improved the quality of residential living.


Considering the residential nature of Alta Vista, there are relatively fewer job opportunities as compared to other neighbourhoods. However, considering the large number of shops, schools, malls, hospitals and service centres, the potential for business and entrepreneurship is rather high.


Alta Vista is a smaller and more inviting residential neighbourhood with one of the lowest crime rates when compared to other neighbourhoods. This is partly due to the intensive neighbourhood watch program.

Taking the strong community bond into consideration, people are always ready to help each other, keeping the community safe and secure. With added protection from the Ottawa Police Service, Alta Vista is not only a great community to live in, but a safe one as well.


With a community of over 25,000 people, education is vital. Alta Vista has a number of elementary and secondary schools. In fact, it has:

·        6 public elementary schools.

·        3 public secondary schools.

·        4 private elementary and secondary catholic schools.


Considering Alta Vista’s residential status, it only makes sense there are a number of activities available to its residents. Alta Vista has some of the cleanest and greatest parks in Ottawa and has been praised for its expansive and clean green space. Whether you are relaxing in a park or shopping at a beautiful shopping centre, there is a lot to do in this great neighbourhood.

Alta Vista also has a number of recreational centres and shopping malls, or plazas, where residents can spend their hard earned money.

The elevated neighbourhood of Alta Vista provides a living experience that many claim to be luxurious, yet simple and peaceful, yet brimming with life. With a strong sense of community and a desire to work towards the future, Alta Vista has become the premier residential destination for many Canadians.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alta Vista Ridge:Desirable Living Distinction

Many home owners struggle to choose between living in an urban flat or a town. Fortunately, this struggle has come to an end. Whether it is a terrace town or an urban flat, Alta Vista Ridge provides some of the most distinguished living in Ottawa.


Alta Vista Ridge is located at a prime location in the heart of one of the most rapidly developing and happening communities. Alta Vista Ridge is situated at Saint Laurent Boulevard and Industrial Avenue, which is only minutes from Downtown Ottawa.


Whether owners choose an urban flat or a terrace town setting, the architectural design is simple, stylish, sturdy and above all, elegant. In fact, many owners may even be led to reminisce about the old colonial age, where such simplicity and single colour paints were not only common but popular - simplicity which is still marvelled at today.


The only thing as beautiful, extensive and modern as Alta Vista Ridge is the amenities provided to its residents. Amenities include:

·        10 shopping and service centers

·        10 restaurants and bars

·        3 schools

·        4 parks

·        5 recreational centers


Whether you choose an urban flat or a terrace town, each condo has been carefully designed to fuse simplicity, modernity and luxury to create striking exteriors and interiors. The total size of condos ranges from 729 to 1262 sq. ft.

Each condo has been designed with at 8-9 ft high flat white ceilings, carpeted bedrooms and living area (Berger carpets), ceramic tiles in the laundry, kitchen, bathroom(s) and entry and a single color interior. Each condo also has a private terrace or balcony with aluminum railing.

Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, entry, living area or bedroom, each room has a number of finishes. For example, door handles and bathroom accessories are not only heavy duty; they have an impeccable chrome finish. Even the exterior has a superior masonry finish.

Starting Price

Naturally, such an extravagant lifestyle does not come cheap. Or does it? One of the most attractive features of Alta Vista Ridge is its affordability. Condo prices start in the $190,000 range and increases as the size of the condo increases. Interestingly, for a limited time, 6 high-end appliances are provided for free.

Spacious and luxurious condos, separate outdoor areas, a multitude of amenities, striking exteriors, beautiful interiors and an exceptional neighbourhood – Alta Vista Ridge has it all. Adding the choice between an urban flat or terrace town setting, and combining it with high affordability, what more could anyone ask?
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Distillery Warehouse Lofts–Industrial-inspired Luxury

The industrial age gave us some of the sturdiest, stylish and grandest buildings mankind has ever seen, structures we deem to be architectural marvels. What if the beauty, style and space that these industrial buildings provided could somehow be infused with today’s technology and needs? Distillery Warehouse Lofts provides the perfect blend of old and new, fusing the industrial age with contemporary style, space, luxury and affordability.

Legendary Architecture and Location

Legend has it that Distillery Warehouse Lofts is on a site where a secret distillery warehouse was once built. This warehouse stood the test of time and provided ample space to hide thousands of kegs of whiskey.

Bringing the legend to life, Distillery Warehouse Lofts takes the industrial warehouse legend and fuses it with Nouveau Industrial Style, space and luxury, to create legendary loft style suites.


Distillery Warehouse Lofts provides a list of modern amenities, perfect for any contemporary suite lifestyle. Amenities include:

·        Fully equipped gym

·        Multi-purpose rooms with kitchens

·        Ski and bike tune up areas

·        Spa

·        Bike storage area

·        Locker rooms

·        Parking

·        Large living area

·        Private theatre

Loft-style Suites

The use of natural stone, wood, industrial grade materials, stainless steel and high-grade glass create a living space that is spacious, practical and flexible. Loft-style suites are available with a total area ranging from 640 to 1134 Sq. Ft. including the gallery or terrace.

Industrial loft elements such as small brick walls, 9’ high ceilings and 84” solid doors (with heavy duty chrome handles and door knobs) are typical in every suite.

Double-pane aluminum windows allow natural light to bathe the suite in warmth while reducing the amount of penetrating UV light.

The living room and bedrooms are lined with pre-engineered, sound resistant hardwood floors while washrooms incorporate mosaic tiles in the most intricate and unique designs.

All washrooms have oversized glass showers, white soaker tubs, floating vanities, designer lighting fixtures and chrome bathroom accessories.

Each suite has a terrace or gallery that can be accessed by sliding glass doors. As the architecture indicates, each gallery and terrace has wrought iron style railings and planters. The walls of each gallery and terrace combine stone and brick veneers.

Starting Price

With so much to offer to any potential suite owner, perceivable prices could range in the mid $500’s. However, as stated before, Distillery Warehouse Lofts fuses key style and architectural elements with affordability. Loft-style suites start from $246,800. Furthermore, for a limited time, reservations also come with 6 free appliances.

With so much to offer at such an affordable rate, such an offer is too tempting to let slip. With an exterior like no other, modern amenities and an interior that will have owners gasping in awe, Distillery Warehouse Lofts truly is a spirited legend rising.
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Qualicum Woods Crossing –Peaceful and Luxurious Living

If you’re looking for lavish, peaceful yet social living in the capital of Canada, then Qualicum Woods Crossing is the perfect destination for you. Qualicum Woods Crossing is best defined as the perfect mix of luxurious and affordable living. For a closer look at Qualicum Woods Crossing, and all it has to offer, continue reading.
Ottawa is not just the capital of Canada; it is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada as well. In fact, economists predict that Ottawa will soon be the largest and most advanced city in Canada economically.
Located in beautiful Qualicum, is surrounded by a residential area, with a green scenery and a myriad of schools, parks, shopping centers, restaurants and stores including the brand new large IKEA store. Located on Baseline Rd only minutes to the 417 and only a few minutes to Downtown, Qualicum Woods Crossing is perfect for those looking for the best in life - a little of everything.
Not only does Qualicum Woods Crossing offer affordable living, it offers truly lavish living. Here is a look at some of the many amenities that Qualicum Woods Crossing provides:
  •  Central park, surrounded by Qualicum Woods Crossing
    •  With Zen Falls
    •  Four Bridges
    •  Spring Grove
    •  Patio Stage
    •  BBQ Deck
    •  And more…
  •  2 large lounge rooms, each with their own fireplaces
  •  2 kitchens
  •  2 large terraces, sized for large family gatherings
  •  Interconnected elevators
  •  Private theatre
  •  Separate games room
  •  Modern, fully equipped fitness centre
  •  Sauna
  •  Barbeque areas
Qualicum Woods Crossing offers condos starting at studios and expanding to 3. Best of all, Qualicum Woods Crossing also offer terrace condos. Regardless of the type of condo, each condo has been spaciously designed to give owners room to breathe and truly enjoy everything life has to offer. The interior combines the beauty of the modern world with the hint of a more traditional look.
Starting Price
The real question comes back to the price. Qualicum Woods Crossing condos start at $169,900. With so many extravagant amenities, exceptional interiors and great locality, this truly is lavish and affordable living. Considering the rapidly growing area surrounding Qualicum Woods Crossing, the value will only increase. With prices starting from $169,900, Qualicum Woods Crossing is truly one of the best deals around.
Whether it is the inspiring locality, breathtaking interiors, extravagant amenities or affordability, Qualicum Woods Crossing is a great place to live. With minimal distances between local stores, schools, recreational facilities and the local nightlife, Qualicum Woods Crossing is perfectly located so owners can enjoy a perfect life.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

SOHO Lisgar – Hotel Inspired Luxury Living

Many of us would love to live the hotel life. Luxury living, 24/7 services, plenty of amenities and incredible prestige. However, most people could not afford a hotel life as it can be incredibly expensive. That is until now. The SOHO Lisgar brings truly luxurious hotel living at an affordable price. Here is a closer look at the location, amenities, condos and the starting price of this architectural marvel.
SOHO Lisgar is located in the grand capital of beautiful Canada, Ottawa. Surrounded by a number of clubs, pubs, malls, wineries, restaurants, boutiques, stores, museums, parks, recreational centers and grocers, The SOHO Lisgar couldn’t be any more perfectly located. The SOHO Lisgar is located at 300 Lisgar and is near completion. You could move in this summer!
When purchasing a condominium, it is important that the amenities provided are numerous and of a high quality. Fortunately for potential condo owners, SOHO Lisgar offers amenities unlike any other. A large number of luxurious amenities await all condo owners. In fact, the SOHO Lisgar offers over 7000 sq ft of amenities, both indoors and outdoors. A few of the many amenities include:
  •   Modern Fitness Centre – Dalton Brown
  •   Spa
  •   Sauna
  •   SOHO WaterGardens
  •   Private theatre
  •   Bike garage
  •   Huge lounge areas
  •   Lap pool
  •   Raised hot tub
  •   Large dining areas
The suites on offer at the SOHO Lisgar have been designed based on SOHO’s extravagant hotels. However, the suites offered at the SOHO Lisgar take lush hotel living to another level and add a dimension of extra space and modern aesthetics. Designed by Gluckstein himself, these suites are truly a class apart; truly unique and extraordinarily beautiful.
Starting Price
Considering all the amenities offered, the spacious and lavish interiors and the amazing locality, most people would consider such a project incredibly expensive. With the SOHO Lisgar, that is not the case. SOHO Lisgar suites are still available, starting at $289,900. Furthermore, interested owners can even opt for a $0 mortgage for the first 6 months.
For some, a condominium lifestyle is not worth the price they pay. At the SOHO Lisgar, price is not an issue. With a multitude of amenities, spacious, extravagant and designer suites, and one of the best localities you will ever come across, hotel inspired living is only one booking away. For those who wanted to live the hotel dream; now is the chance, and SOHO Lisgar is providing it to you.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SOHO Champagne – A New Era of Spatial Luxury

Ottawa is already home to some of the finest architectural marvels you will see in Canada. Now, the beautiful capital of Canada will be home to yet another prestigious project, known as SOHO Champagne. These condominiums are some of the most unique and elegant condominiums ever designed – they are true spatial luxury. Here is a closer look at the SOHO Champagne condominiums.

If there was ever a place to build luxury condominiums in Canada, it would be in the heart of Canada itself; in the capital. Ottawa is one of the fastest growing cities and offers some of the highest quality of living you will ever experience.

Located at 111 Champagne Avenue in Little Italy, SOHO Champagne is currently under construction and is located near a plethora of unique and trendy restaurants, wine bars, parks, entertainment facilities and even the O-Train. Only minutes from the Rideau Canal and Dow’s Lake and the Arboretum. Little plays host to several festivals and large events year long and is one of Ottawa’s hottest neighbourhoods.
When purchasing condominiums, the number and quality of amenities play a crucial part in any buyer’s decision. When it comes to SOHO Champagne condominiums, a number of amenities on 3 separate floors (ground, 2nd and 3rd) are available to the condo owners. Here is a look at a few of the many amenities.

• Regular as well as executive dining rooms
• Board rooms
• Bars
• Library
• Art gallery
• Wine tasting room
• Private theatre
• Large and modern gym - Dalton Brown
• Spacious Sauna
• Raised hot tub
• BBQ area
• 60’ lap pool
• Fireplaces
• Alfresco open dining areas

SOHO Champagne condominiums offer rooms that are exceptionally spaced and offer modern features and a unique one of a kind Gluckstein Design. In fact, owners will feel as if they are living in a luxury yacht. Adding fully equipped kitchens and floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows into the equation makes SOHO Champagne condominiums some of the best you will find in Canada.

Starting Price
For many potential owners, the real question comes down to the price they will have to pay. SOHO Champagne condominiums offer a starting price of $288,900. Considering everything that is offered, this truly is a steal. SOHO Champagne condominiums is also offering $0 mortgage for 6 months; a superb offer.
The rooms are well spaced, naturally lit and well designed. With plenty of extravagant amenities, condominium owners will always have a place to relax and find things to do. With such a great location, and so much to offer, the starting price is like any other. SOHO champagne is the place for people looking for spatial luxury with a stylish modern flair.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Slater – Chic Modern Luxury at its Finest

Affordability fused with style, modern beauty and substance is what The Slater is all about. With a definite flair for modern living, great amenities and a relatively low starting price, The Slater is truly an ideal building to move to. With so much to offer, The Slater adds a whole new dimension of extravagance to the already sleek and spectacular Ottawa, Canada. Here is a closer look at this architectural masterpiece.

Ottawa is one of the premier locations in Ontario, Canada. In fact, the city is fast becoming one of the most popular and stunning cities in Ontario. In fact, according to Mercer, Ottawa’s quality of living has been ranked the 2nd highest in the Americas.

The Slater is where it should be, located in the central business district of Ottawa. To be precise, The Slater is located at 199 Slater St. The Slater is close to the Parliament, Rideau Canal, nightlife, shopping malls, cafes, entertainment and recreational centers and areas.
No premier location would be perfect without the right variety of amenities. When it comes to amenities, The Slater brings you a number of lavish and extravagant amenities. Located on the 5th floor, The Slater offers a number of amenities, including:
  •              A large terrace, split into 3 sections
  •              Outdoor hot tub
  •              Modern games room
  •              Private theatre
  •              Huge club lounge and dining areas, complete with fireplaces
  •              Modern and fully equipped fitness centre

The Slater has some of the most interesting and spacious condos to hit the market. The Slater offers studio, one bedroom and two bedroom condos, bedroom and den combos and penthouses. With sizes ranging from 408 Sq. Ft. to 1,578 Sq. Ft., The Slater has almost every type of condo covered.
Almost every condo comes with its own private balcony. Naturally, the larger the floor plan the larger the balcony. Best of all, every condo, even studio condos, have been designed in such a way that they are all very spacious, giving you plenty of space to move around.
Starting Price

When looking at premier property, or any property for that matter, price is always a huge factor that can either make or break a deal. When it comes to The Slater, it is hard to imagine anything less than a premium price for such extravagant and chic living. However, that is not entirely true.
The Slater manages not only to provide a boastfully high quality of living; it does so at an affordable price. You can own a piece of this prestigious building for as little as $198,900.
When looking for a residential locality that fuses modernity, beauty and practicality, The Slater definitely is one of the first places to check. Taking a glance at the interior, the starting price of $198,900 seems to be quite a steal. With a range of extravagant amenities, a hustling yet peaceful neighbourhood and exceptional nightlife, what more could anyone want? Truly, 199 Slater St is one of the most “it” locations on the map.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Vacant Lot

Though buying a piece of land and buying a house are two different things, there are some rules that apply to both. It is important that these rules are followed properly to ensure that the property bought is worth the money. When you buy a home in Ottawa it is mostly because you want to live there. When you buy land, however you could either build your own home or you use the property as an investment or a business opportunity.

When you are buying a vacant lot there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you buy the land.

How Will You Use The Land?

Buying land in the Ottawa region with the intention of making a business out of it is very different than buying one where you will begin construction immediately. When you buy land where you have to begin construction immediately, there are a few things that you have to look into. First thing you have to see is if the land is suitable for the type of construction you want. Ask questions and look for answers like is the zoning correct?

Make sure you check these intricate details because there is a possibility that you cannot construct on the land if you are getting at a very cheap rate.

What Costs Are Involved?

Real estate investment in Ottawa involves time and money. You have to think about the money that you want to spend. Therefore preparation is the most important part of investing in real estate in Ottawa. When you buy a vacant lot, there are expenses that you have to cater to.

A vacant lot is a major investment and can be used in different ways. To save yourself from any legal complications that can occur in the future, you should apply for title insurance before you buy the land. Do not forget to get your land surveyed and appraised. The cost of a land survey is dependent on location of the land. The last and the most important costs are the utility costs. If you are constructing on the land that you have bought, there will be different costs like labour and other construction costs.

What Other Costs Are Involved When Purchasing Land For Investment?

When you buy land for investment you should consider the different economic trends around the area. You have to check the construction around the lot that you are buying and you also have to check the market trends of the real estate sector along with the growth projections.

While many people believe that buying land in or property is an easy investment, it is not. You have to check many different regulations and adhere to the rules of the area. The reward of investing in real estate in Ottawa is great and the risks that are accompanied are close to none.
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Selecting a Realtor- Things to Think About

A realtor will help you find the house that you want. One of the most important decisions in your life is buying a house and the Ottawa Real Estate market offers many choices for you. It is important that you make the right choice because you could be potentially spending the rest of your life in that house.

To help you with this big life changing decision, it is important that you hire a credible real estate agent. There are many realtors out there but it is important that you choose one that you are comfortable with and with whom you can easily communicate.

The real estate agent will guide you through the process of buying or selling the house. The agent will be responsible to show you different properties according to what you desire. They will also be responsible of your legal interests when it is time to go through the confusing and time consuming contracts and mortgage rules.

When selecting a realtor, it is a good idea to interview different real estate agents in Ottawa and see which one suits your needs the best. Here are a few tips that can help you select a realtor.

             When searching for the best real estate agent, it is a good idea to find at least three licensed realtors.

             To select the best from these three you will have to interview them. You can conduct an interview with a list of questions so that you can pick a realtor that seems right for you. It is important the realtor understands what you want exactly and that the agent listens to your needs and wants.

             Find out how they work. It is a good idea to understand the process your realtor goes through to find you the home you want.

             Do not forget to ask them about the negotiation practices. The tactics used by your real estate agent are very important when it comes to negotiating house prices in tough situations.

             Choose the agent you want once you have interviewed them and asked them all the questions that you had about the process they use for marketing properties and buying properties.

             Once you have chosen your real estate agent, you should ask the agent about your financial obligations that you have throughout the process of buying or selling the property.

             The buyer agency agreement is an important part of the process. You should know that the agreement is negotiable when required. Therefore, check the agreement to see what terms you want to negotiate on.

             Ask your real estate agent to give you a few references. The references will help you finalize which realtor to choose.

             The last thing that is required when buying real estate in Ottawa is that the agent you hire should know how to use a computer and embraces technology.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Moving Costs- Things to Think About

When you buy or rent a property there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Down payment, mortgage costs, and moving costs are all a part of the homebuying process. Moving costs are related directly to the time and money that is required when you move to a new place.

Renting or buying real estate in Ottawa is easy if you have a good real estate agent. The move from one living space to another can be costly. But if you are buying a house, it would be a onetime move as you would not be changing houses that often. If you are renting a new property then you should consider the costs that are involved with the move.

What Do You Own?

It does not matter where you are currently living, even if it is in a studio apartment, there are furniture and appliances and many other things that you will want to take with you to your new house. Most of the things that you own can be boxed easily and transferred to your new place through your car. It is however difficult to fit your bed or the sofa in any standard vehicle that you or your friends own.

For things like these, you will either have to hire a moving company or rent a truck. If you have delicate and breakable pieces of crockery or decoration, you will have to pack them carefully. The extra padding around each piece means that you will have to use a bigger box. In turn, the box will take more space in the car and you will have to make more trips. The best way to avoid this unnecessary hassle is to hire a moving company or rent a truck.

When to Move?

When you are moving from one rental apartment to another or to a new house, you will probably wait till the last day before you leave your rental. If you wait till the last day, you’ll just have that one day to clear the apartment or house out..

This is not enough time to move. If you are moving your belongings on your own, you will have to make frequent trips to the new place making it exhausting and time consuming. Not to mention the amount of money you will spend on gas. The process of moving is stressful and requires time and money. You have to first pack and then unpack everything. The time of packing and unpacking will depend directly on the number of things that you own.

Other costs that can be included in the moving process are miscellaneous costs that you would usually not consider. Boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap will also cost you some money. You will also have to pay different utility companies when they set up equipment in your new place (if your house is brand new).

Be sure that you are ready to cater all these costs when you look for real estate in Ottawa.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things to Think About When Building a Custom Home

Most aspiring homeowners or those that are looking to move into a new home are usually limited to already built houses. These houses are generally more affordable because the condition of the house depreciates, however they may not appeal you.

If you’re fed up of searching for the perfect home, then you should consider building your own house. For most, building a custom house may not seem easy.

Here are a few things that need to be considered when building a custom home in Ottawa.

             The location of the property is very important when building a house. One of the biggest factors to consider is the location of the property because it affects the cost of construction in many different ways. The distance of the house from prime locations, the neighbourhood it is a part of, the monetary value of the land, and the demographics of the neighbourhood are all factors that contribute to the cost of the house.

             Building regulations is another important factor that affects the construction of the house. Zoning regulations differ from one town to another. It is important that you first collect all the necessary information and check what type of conservation method is used. You should first research these factors and see how they will affect the construction process.

             Paperwork may seem tedious and time consuming; you might also think that some of it is useless. But, it is very vital that you look through all the paperwork regarding the characteristics of the land, deeds, sales price, and other information about the city or the municipality. You should check Ottawa real estate regulations of the city and municipality.

             Financing a house can be tricky. Make sure that you check with different lending institutions and see what interest rates suit you the best. Also, plan the entire process before you ask for a loan. You need to know what jobs will be performed to improve the home like roofing, plumbing, electric, foundation and many more. In addition, you can alter construction costs depending on what your requirements are.

             Once you have evaluated these factors and decided that building a home is feasible, see if you want an architect. You may avoid hiring a separate architect because most home builders have plenty of blueprints to choose from. However, an architect cannot only design the house according to your liking but can also help you understand the costs and engineering techniques involved. Yes, the cost of the architect will have to be included with the other costs and may increase the overall loan that you will apply for, but it is generally a better investment for those that can afford the added cost.

             Once the architect has designed and given you a complete understanding, you have to hire a builder. There are plenty of talented and well reputed construction companies in Ottawa that specialize in building homes. It is up to you to understand and research the different builders in the market and find a trustworthy company that does quality work.

Building a house or buying one is not an easy task. You have to consider many aspects before you buy a home in Ottawa. It is important that you stay patient because building a house is time consuming. However, the resulting house is usually worth the wait and is exactly what you dreamt of.
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Friday, May 3, 2013

New Heart Felt Message From The Bennett Pros

Lights, camera, action! We invite you to watch our amazing new video debut!

We love this song! We’d love to hear what you think? Tweet it. Post it. Blog it. Share it.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Stage Your Home: Choosing the Right Furniture

When you are ready to sell your house, you have to look into certain aspects. Staging a house may seem as simple as decorating or cleaning, but these factors should not be taken lightly because they will help potential buyers see how warm and loving the house is. Ottawa real estate agents may ask you to place furniture in a more strategic manner. Staging a house is all about getting your home ready for the debutant ball. You have to make sure everything is perfect.

The first thing you have to do is get rid of all the clutter you have lying around the house. If you buy new furniture, make it a replacement for existing furniture. Adding furniture and not getting rid of its older counterparts can make the house look smaller and crowded.

You should also try to avoid placing the furniture against the wall. It is a common misconception that placing the furniture against the wall will make a room look bigger. Position couches and chairs in groups so that you can move around the room and converse easily in groups.

Experiment your home’s d├ęcor by moving furniture, decorations, and art pieces around different rooms. Your living room and drawing room furniture can be shifted easily from one room to another. That nice coffee table in your living room may look even better with a couple of chairs in the drawing room, library or study room.

If you have a corner or a room that is seldom used and you use it mostly to store things, repurpose it. Adding a few pieces of furniture and organizing the junk that is lying around may go a long way and increase the offers your home generates.

The lighting of a staged home is very important. It gives a very warm and welcoming look. Make sure that the lights are working properly and that there is at least one light every 50 square feet. If you have just one fixture in a big room, add in other types of lights such as lamps.

If you have a small room, paint it in a colour that makes it look bigger. Use light colours, paint the dining room and kitchen the same colour if you can. If you still are not satisfied with the staging you have done, hire a professional home stager with the help of your real estate agent in Ottawa.

A perfectly staged home can be the forum for a successful open house. Ensure that you follow the tips mentioned above to appeal to the home buyers that view your home. Satisfying more than a few of them may even open up a bidding war between the buyers and you may earn more for your home than its appraised property value.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Research Your Home Builder

If you are buying a house that has just been constructed or you want to build a house, it is important that you research the builders and check their credentials. There are a few qualities that all builders should have. If a builder does not possess these few essential qualities then the builder might not be qualified and their skills may be questionable.

Homes in Ottawa are built by many different builders. They can be small builders building a few homes a year or can be large builders that build thousands of homes a year.

When you select a house and a neighbourhood, do not forget to look at the people who have built the house. Ask your real estate agent questions about the builder. Ask who built the home. How many homes do they build in year? What are the after sales services that they offer to buyers? Are they full-time builders or part time builders? These are the few questions that every home buyer should ask. You should thoroughly check the builder before you buy a house that they built.

You should also be careful of part time builders, they usually do not have enough experience and they are not up to date with the current market trends. When you investigate builders, check whether they have an industry certification or not. Also check if the builder is an R-2000 builder or not. Ask the builders if they are registered with Canadian Home Builders Association, Urban Development Institute or the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute

It is important for all home builders in Ottawa to be registered with the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan and also be a part of third-party new home warranty program. The next thing you need to know is what kind of houses the company usually builds. Do they target a particular niche of homeowners and cater to their specific purposes or do they cater to all types of homeowners?

Most builders are aware of the new housing trends like Flex Housing and Health Housing. Check if your builder is aware of such terms. Also, verify if the builder has won any national awards. These awards can help you shortlist builders because you can trust them to have all the basic regulations implemented properly.

To further understand the builder, check the model homes they have. Look at them carefully. Inspect the doors, floors, cabinets, ceiling, roof and plumbing along with other things. Give proper time to the exterior and interior of the house. There is no harm in touring a site that is under construction. However, you should first ask the builder and get approval from them. Buying homes in Ottawa may seem to require a lot of legal considerations, however if the builder fulfills all the requirements, you will avoid a lot of legal complications that may arise in the future.
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