Friday, May 31, 2013

Alta Vista –A Neighbourhood Unlike Any Other

When searching for a neighbourhood that offers great schools, parks, a friendly atmosphere and an incredibly strong sense of community, Alta Vista is the place for you. The neighbourhood of some 25,000 people, located on Ottawa’s east side, provides a living experience unlike any other in Ottawa. Here is a more detailed look at this amazing neighbourhood.


One of the most important reasons people move to Alta Vista is the affordable housing. Many properties are listed at highly affordable prices making them a great buy. Additionally, the building of new luxury condos has improved the quality of residential living.


Considering the residential nature of Alta Vista, there are relatively fewer job opportunities as compared to other neighbourhoods. However, considering the large number of shops, schools, malls, hospitals and service centres, the potential for business and entrepreneurship is rather high.


Alta Vista is a smaller and more inviting residential neighbourhood with one of the lowest crime rates when compared to other neighbourhoods. This is partly due to the intensive neighbourhood watch program.

Taking the strong community bond into consideration, people are always ready to help each other, keeping the community safe and secure. With added protection from the Ottawa Police Service, Alta Vista is not only a great community to live in, but a safe one as well.


With a community of over 25,000 people, education is vital. Alta Vista has a number of elementary and secondary schools. In fact, it has:

·        6 public elementary schools.

·        3 public secondary schools.

·        4 private elementary and secondary catholic schools.


Considering Alta Vista’s residential status, it only makes sense there are a number of activities available to its residents. Alta Vista has some of the cleanest and greatest parks in Ottawa and has been praised for its expansive and clean green space. Whether you are relaxing in a park or shopping at a beautiful shopping centre, there is a lot to do in this great neighbourhood.

Alta Vista also has a number of recreational centres and shopping malls, or plazas, where residents can spend their hard earned money.

The elevated neighbourhood of Alta Vista provides a living experience that many claim to be luxurious, yet simple and peaceful, yet brimming with life. With a strong sense of community and a desire to work towards the future, Alta Vista has become the premier residential destination for many Canadians.
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