Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SOHO Champagne – A New Era of Spatial Luxury

Ottawa is already home to some of the finest architectural marvels you will see in Canada. Now, the beautiful capital of Canada will be home to yet another prestigious project, known as SOHO Champagne. These condominiums are some of the most unique and elegant condominiums ever designed – they are true spatial luxury. Here is a closer look at the SOHO Champagne condominiums.

If there was ever a place to build luxury condominiums in Canada, it would be in the heart of Canada itself; in the capital. Ottawa is one of the fastest growing cities and offers some of the highest quality of living you will ever experience.

Located at 111 Champagne Avenue in Little Italy, SOHO Champagne is currently under construction and is located near a plethora of unique and trendy restaurants, wine bars, parks, entertainment facilities and even the O-Train. Only minutes from the Rideau Canal and Dow’s Lake and the Arboretum. Little plays host to several festivals and large events year long and is one of Ottawa’s hottest neighbourhoods.
When purchasing condominiums, the number and quality of amenities play a crucial part in any buyer’s decision. When it comes to SOHO Champagne condominiums, a number of amenities on 3 separate floors (ground, 2nd and 3rd) are available to the condo owners. Here is a look at a few of the many amenities.

• Regular as well as executive dining rooms
• Board rooms
• Bars
• Library
• Art gallery
• Wine tasting room
• Private theatre
• Large and modern gym - Dalton Brown
• Spacious Sauna
• Raised hot tub
• BBQ area
• 60’ lap pool
• Fireplaces
• Alfresco open dining areas

SOHO Champagne condominiums offer rooms that are exceptionally spaced and offer modern features and a unique one of a kind Gluckstein Design. In fact, owners will feel as if they are living in a luxury yacht. Adding fully equipped kitchens and floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows into the equation makes SOHO Champagne condominiums some of the best you will find in Canada.

Starting Price
For many potential owners, the real question comes down to the price they will have to pay. SOHO Champagne condominiums offer a starting price of $288,900. Considering everything that is offered, this truly is a steal. SOHO Champagne condominiums is also offering $0 mortgage for 6 months; a superb offer.
The rooms are well spaced, naturally lit and well designed. With plenty of extravagant amenities, condominium owners will always have a place to relax and find things to do. With such a great location, and so much to offer, the starting price is like any other. SOHO champagne is the place for people looking for spatial luxury with a stylish modern flair.

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