Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alta Vista Ridge:Desirable Living Distinction

Many home owners struggle to choose between living in an urban flat or a town. Fortunately, this struggle has come to an end. Whether it is a terrace town or an urban flat, Alta Vista Ridge provides some of the most distinguished living in Ottawa.


Alta Vista Ridge is located at a prime location in the heart of one of the most rapidly developing and happening communities. Alta Vista Ridge is situated at Saint Laurent Boulevard and Industrial Avenue, which is only minutes from Downtown Ottawa.


Whether owners choose an urban flat or a terrace town setting, the architectural design is simple, stylish, sturdy and above all, elegant. In fact, many owners may even be led to reminisce about the old colonial age, where such simplicity and single colour paints were not only common but popular - simplicity which is still marvelled at today.


The only thing as beautiful, extensive and modern as Alta Vista Ridge is the amenities provided to its residents. Amenities include:

·        10 shopping and service centers

·        10 restaurants and bars

·        3 schools

·        4 parks

·        5 recreational centers


Whether you choose an urban flat or a terrace town, each condo has been carefully designed to fuse simplicity, modernity and luxury to create striking exteriors and interiors. The total size of condos ranges from 729 to 1262 sq. ft.

Each condo has been designed with at 8-9 ft high flat white ceilings, carpeted bedrooms and living area (Berger carpets), ceramic tiles in the laundry, kitchen, bathroom(s) and entry and a single color interior. Each condo also has a private terrace or balcony with aluminum railing.

Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen, entry, living area or bedroom, each room has a number of finishes. For example, door handles and bathroom accessories are not only heavy duty; they have an impeccable chrome finish. Even the exterior has a superior masonry finish.

Starting Price

Naturally, such an extravagant lifestyle does not come cheap. Or does it? One of the most attractive features of Alta Vista Ridge is its affordability. Condo prices start in the $190,000 range and increases as the size of the condo increases. Interestingly, for a limited time, 6 high-end appliances are provided for free.

Spacious and luxurious condos, separate outdoor areas, a multitude of amenities, striking exteriors, beautiful interiors and an exceptional neighbourhood – Alta Vista Ridge has it all. Adding the choice between an urban flat or terrace town setting, and combining it with high affordability, what more could anyone ask?
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