Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Challenges of Downsizing

Shifting from a big house to a small one, contrary to popular belief, is really not that big a deal. There can be multiple reasons for making such a move. Possibly, you have grown old and your kids have moved out or you are unable to keep up with the mortgage payments or it may just be too difficult to manage the huge space on your own. Whatever the reason may be, a major problem is finding the right house for your needs. If you are looking through real estate properties in Ottawa, you will be surprised with all the options that are available.

Once you have found the perfect new home, another challenge involved with downsizing is managing all your old stuff. Your currently large house is not only filled with pieces of furniture, it also has a few decoration items that are strewn around the room. You might want to box up and keep all the pieces for sentimental or other reasons. They could be family heirlooms, pieces you inherited or things that were given to you by a loved one.

Not to mention all the stuff stored in the attic. Though those things initially may seem worthless to keep, that emotional attachment you have to your old diaries is hard to let go. It is entirely up to you to decide what things you want to keep in the new place and what things you want to throw or give away. You must remember that you cannot take everything with you and you should be ready to let go of all the things that may hold sentimental value but are not required in your new place.

To avoid the different issues and nerve-wrecking symptoms of downsizing, make sure that you follow the following tips:

             Time your move. If you are shifting to a house that is half the size of your current one, there are a lot of things that you will have to toss out or keep in a storage container. You have to give yourself time to think through and decide on the stuff that you will keep and the stuff that you won’t.

             Get help. Ask your friends and family to help you with the move. Have one of them organize an online sale while others can take care of boxing away items.

             Be realistic. There are so many things that we can easily live without but we have made them necessities. Measure the rooms of the new place and see which furniture can be placed in them. You might have to sell some of the pieces.

             There is no need to keep a pile of papers. Except for property and tax papers, most of them would not be needed after a certain time. So throw away those college assignments that you have stowed away in the attic.

             A storage unit should be your last resort. Try to avoid renting a storage unit. Most of the people who have rented one do not even use it and the things usually rot inside.

Even though there are many challenges involved with downsizing, you can make it a fun process. Contact the Bennett Property Shop Realty today to find the best real estate property in Ottawa for your downsizing needs.
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