Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Invest in U.S Real Estate

The US investment market is still suffering from the consequences of the recession that hit its financial market in 2007. Although the market has picked up quite a bit areas like Nevada, Florida, Arizona, and California, areas that were hit the hardest are still below the replacement value. The Ottawa real estate market is quite different, but as an investor you should try to have a look for an investment opportunity in our neighbouring country.

The Canadian dollar still holds strongly against the U.S dollar. This in turn means that if you invest in US assets, you are likely to get a decent return over time. Taking a close look at these facts suggests that Canadians have an opportunity to invest in the best US real estate. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the summers with your family in the sun and the value of the property is likely to appreciate in the coming years.

It may sound like a dream come true but there are few things that need consideration before you dive into the opportunity. If you are planning to buy property for purely business purposes then you have to consider the following:

Passive Real Estate Investment does not Exist

You will require local knowledge of the area in which the property is located. You want the house to be located in the perfect neighbourhood and you might even let it out on rent while you wait for the value to increase. A local professional will help you manage the property and keep it occupied without any problem.

Mortgage Issues

If you are planning to find leverage or a loan from an American lender then you are in for a surprise. Even with mortgages cheaper than before, it is very difficult for Canadians to qualify for a mortgage therefore you might have to pay for the home in full. Your Ottawa Real Estate agent can look into alternative solutions


Unless you have prior experience and property in the US, you might want to expose yourself to the various US taxes that are involved in the buying and renting of an investment property. Not to mention you will have to file for yearly tax returns. We would highly recommend talking to an account familiar with investing in US properties.

Lack of a Diversified Investment Portfolio can be Disastrous

If you have just one rental estate in the US, you should be ready for all consequences. Deadbeat tenants, uninsured damages and property in the wrong area are all ingredients to a recipe for disaster. It is therefore important that you have more than one type of housing property in the US.

Your Ottawa real estate agent will help you in making the right decision for your real estate investment in the US. They can help you rent, sell and buy homes in the US along with all the help and information you require for mortgage.
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