Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House

Do you have a house in Ottawa that you’re trying to sell? Are you trying to do it on your own or have you hired your relative for the job? In either case, it would be a good idea that you hire a proper real estate agent to sell your house. At Bennett Property Shop we help you avoid the common mistakes that can decrease your profits from the transaction.

It is important that you keep a close eye on the market at all times. You might get good money when you sell the property when the market is strong, but your profits will be used up in buying the new house. If you sell your house when the real estate market is not that strong, you will see that you can get a better price on your house when you add in some renovations and make it appear better in comparison to what the market has to offer. However, it is better to wait for the market to improve.

Your house should be priced according to current market trends, not according to what you think it is worth. If you have over-priced your house even slightly, people will reject it in favour of bigger houses that are available in the same price. At the same time, people who could afford your house at market rate would not even look at it because you have it priced out of their range.

You do not want to be one of those sellers whose house is on the market for a long time. By charging a bit more than the market, you could be delaying sale and in turn ruining your chances of getting full price. If your house is up for sale for more than a month do something! Talk to your real estate agent and review the price, make repairs or add improvements and incentives for buyers. Do not forget to hold an Open House to announce the changes.

Never ask a relative to sell your home under any circumstances. It is possible that you might end up selling it for less and after a prolonged duration. When you hire a real estate agent, do not forget to sign a contract with them with a guarantee of performance.

You should avoid telling exaggerations that would attract buyers but would disappoint them when they see the house. Try to keep a well maintained yard so that buyers are attracted. Keeping the inside of the house clean is a no brainer and something that should be done at all times. Make sure you are done with all the necessary repairs and that everything is squeaky clean.

You should avoid these costly mistakes and hire a good real estate agent in Ottawa to help you sell your house as soon as possible.
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