Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Moving Tips For Moving with Children

If you have children, buying and moving to a new home in Ottawa it will undoubtedly become more complicated than moving as a couple or a single person

Moreover, moving can be a scary experience for children, especially if it means they will have to change schools or leave their friends behind. There are things you can do as a parent to make the entire process go smoothly and be less upsetting.

When to Tell Your Kids
The best time to let your children know about a possible move is as soon as possible. If you are still in the process of looking at Ottawa homes, you might want to bring the kids with you to view the houses. Letting kids see where their new bedrooms or play areas will be can lessen the anxiety that is often associated with a move. If the move means the children will go to a new school, you  might want to take them to see the school as soon as you can.

If you are moving to a new state or province and can't travel there with your children before the move, take the time to teach your child as much as you can about their new home. Look up the city or town online to learn about its history. Use the internet to find out about clubs and sports your child can participate in, in the new town.

Packing Up
Your children can help you pack up the old house. Set aside a time a week or so before the move to help your children pack their belongings. You can use this time to purge toys and objects your child no longer uses, but try to be respectful of his or her wishes. Moving is a stressful time for kids. Don't add to the stress by demanding that they get rid of all of their toys – as some may be memorable keep-sakes.

On Moving Day
How involved your kids are on moving day depends on their age. Older children and teenagers can help you load up the moving van and finish packing. Toddlers and very young children will probably just get in the way of the process. You might want to hire a babysitter to look after them as you pack up the van. A babysitter can be helpful after you've moved as well, to watch the kids while you unload the van.

After the Move
After you've moved to your new Ottawa home, try to get settled into your new home as quickly as you can. Unpack your kids' rooms first, so that they have a place to themselves. Get your children involved in your new community’s or school’s activities as soon as possible so that they can start making friends and building a new life.

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  1. I definitely can understand how moving while you have children can require additional effort. Something that really was interesting was that you mentioned how to handle moving day. My sister's kids really liked being able to move around, and got really excited about going to their new house. That being said, it doesn't always end up that way with some kids. Thank you for sharing.

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