Thursday, November 20, 2014

Adding In-Laws to Your Ottawa Home

One feature some couples look for when buying a home in Ottawa is what is called “An in-law suite”. They might want the suite so that their parents can move in with them as the parents age. Some couples who live far away from the rest of their families might seek out a suite so that their two (or more) sets parents have a private place to stay when they come to visit. In addition to giving parents a place to stay, in-law suites can also generate income for a homeowner.

What to Look for in a Suite
Ideally, the in-law suite will act as its own private space. The suite can have its own private entrance, so that whoever is staying in it can come and go as they wish without disturbing the rest of the household. Other features the suite should have include a full bath and a kitchen.  If the person who stays in the suite doesn’t like to cook or is incapable of cooking, a kitchenette or even just a refrigerator and single burner might suffice.

Location of the Suite
Most in-law suites are attached to the home, though some are in freestanding garage-like buildings. If the house doesn't come with a suite already, you might find that it's easiest to renovate the basement and convert it into a suite. Many basements already have a separate entrance, for one thing. It's also pretty easy to add plumbing in the basement.  However, based upon the mobility of the suite’s intended occupants, a main-floor or bungalow-style suite may be preferable.

Getting a Suite Early On
Purchasing an Ottawa home that already has an in-law suite can save you money down the road. You won't have to worry about renovating your home when it's time to have your parents move in. Plus, you can earn income from the suite by renting it out to a student or other young person in the mean time.

An in-law suite can also act as transitional living situation for an older child. If your child attends college but doesn't live on campus, you can let him or her live in the suite. In that way, they'll be close by, but still be able to have a sense of privacy and independence.

Benefits of Having Your Parents Live With You
As your parents get older, they become less able to care for themselves. If they are still in good health, having them live with you rather than in a retirement community, can save you both a lot of money. Plus, having your parents live with you means that your children get to see their grandparents on a regular basis and you get to spend a lot of quality time with your parents in the latter stages of their lives.

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