Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Many Types of Homes to Choose From

When you live in a country like Canada, you are bound to see different cultural styles. The styles are also evident in the construction of the real estate around the country. When you are searching for a home in Ottawa, you will see that there are many different types available and you can easily choose from them.

While Cape Cods are more popular in Atlantic Canada and North-eastern United States, there are some of them found in Ottawa. This type of house usually has two floors and the master bedroom is on the first floor. Generally these houses are smaller (1300 to 2000 square feet) and ideal for first time buyers. Colonial houses are found in most upscale areas of the city. These traditional styled homes are greatly influenced by the Italian Renaissance period.

The word cottage always etches a picture of a small and cozy living space. However in Ottawa, they are found usually in a non-urban setting and are of varying sizes. Detached homes are also very common and are basically single family homes that are completely separate from the neighbouring homes. Duplexes are also a form of detached homes with two units. The units are designed so that one is on top of the other.

Bungalows are single story homes with an optional basement. These can be small or large in structure. All living areas are on one floor making it convenient for the homeowner to access different areas without stairs. It is very easy to convert it into a wheelchair accessible home and they offer greater privacy compared to two-story homes. Strategic placement of trees and shrubs can easily block the view of neighbours.

Ranch Bungalows are a type of bungalows that are made strategically. The bedrooms are situated in one side of the house and the areas with guest access (these include the family room, dining room, kitchen, etc.) are on the other side. For attached garages, the access is provided on the public area of the house so that it can be accessed directly.

Split level homes have three types of configurations: a front split multilevel home appears like a two-story house from the front and a bungalow at the back. A back split multilevel home is more common and gives the appearance of a bungalow in the front. A side split multilevel home shows different levels from the front elevation.

Townhouses are three or more houses placed in a row such that they share a ‘party wall’. There are many townhouses in Ottawa. Semi-detached homes are two single family homes that are attached by a common wall. Two or three story homes are found in varying styles all over Ottawa. They come in styles ranging from classic Victorian era all the way to contemporary modern.

With so many different styles of homes available in Ottawa, you are bound to find one that you love! Contact Bennett Property Shop today and find your dream home.

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