Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New vs. Used - The Difference is in the System

The first question you will ask yourself when you decide to buy a home is if you should buy a new house or an older one? When you are looking through Ottawa real estate properties, you are bound to get confused. One thought that you may think is that older homes are built better than newer ones. On the other hand, there are also many reasons that may incline you towards choosing a new home over an old one.

Better Built
One thing you should know is that new technology has helped improve the construction process as well as the building material used during construction. Canadian Building Standards have improved drastically over the years. Most new townhouses and detached houses include at least two full bathrooms on the upper storey and a powder room off the entrance hall. Improved kitchen standards and laundry areas have also made the new homes more convenient and acceptable.
The concept of central air-conditioning was not available for condos in the 1970s. Now, however, this has changed. Also, a home office is another essential room that is now available in many new homes that wasn’t available a few years back.

Less Maintenance Required
A new home won’t require much maintenance for at least the first 10 to 15 years. This is usually because the building material used is more advanced and long lasting. The presently used vinyl-clad window frames don’t require frequent repairs unlike older wooden frames. Nor do you have to worry about roof repairs with every change in weather. If you buy an old home, you will be worried about aluminum wiring and steel or lead plumbing. The brick front also adds to the durability of the new home.

Energy Efficient
Insulation standards have improved in all new homes and the furnaces installed are more energy efficient nowadays. Since 1993, basement insulation has become a common practice and the minimum ceiling heights have also been increased. The flimsy windows have been replaced with double-glazed casement windows that help keep the cold drafts out and the warmth trapped in. The new Energy Star Program has helped bring down monthly energy costs for home owners.

Tarion Warranty
This new warranty has provided an added protection for new home buyers. It helps with all repairs and corrections that are required during the initial years of the home.

All homes in Ottawa are required to meet safety standards and smoke detectors are to be wired in with the updated electric systems. Older homes will have to replace aluminum wiring, if it has not already been done by the previous home owner.

The newer communities in Ottawa are designed to make sure that parks and playgrounds are within walking distance. Different environmental factors have also been considered during the planning of these communities. There are some builders who specialize in creating small communities where children can grow up without worry.

Even with all these advantages, you will still have to cater to the one most important fact before you buy a house – Location. You will find that most of the best locations in Ottawa already have communities built and the houses that are available are all resale. Therefore, check with your Ottawa real estate agent and find the best house for your family.

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