Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Downsizers Dilemma

by Zoe Van Wyck, Sales Representative with the Bennett Property Shop Realty

               Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a simpler life? Although it may require some lifestyle tweaking  to get there, do you realize how attainable it really is? This seems to be the mindset of the majority of Canadians as the flock of baby boomers have been contemplating the low maintenance lifestyle of condo living. With this ongoing trend and new condo’s popping up all over the city, the appeal and possibility is there. However, for a lot of these downsizers, even with this seemingly simple solution at hand, something is blocking the path to making the final decision to move forward and ‘make the change’.
               Certainly ‘making the change’ will require some effort to adjust; especially after dealing with the same routine for years and years. The idea of a lifestyle adjustment may present itself as an overwhelming feat requiring a great deal of energy and effort. It may be this notion of change alone that seems to instill in them the most fear. But fear has always been the greatest enemy in our decision making ability, as it does a fantastic job of holding us back.
               One of the main factors instilling this sense of fear is the conflict between the desire for zero maintenance versus the sacrifice of ‘space and things’. “Where will I put my 12 Rubbermaid containers of yarn?” one asks, “Where am I going to put those magazines I’ve been accumulating since 1965?”, says another. Well, the response to these concerns is nowhere. And that this is the whole point. The intention of downsizing is just that: downsizing. 
               Evidently there are adjustments to be made. It is a huge lifestyle change, without a doubt. But when a lifestyle change offers so many benefits, and the ability to alleviate so many of your burdens, why put it off any longer? Why not enjoy that ‘lock and leave lifestyle’ everyone is talking about right now! Don’t spend one more winter shoveling your 4 car driveway, tending to your lawn that never seems to stay green, or paying to air condition all ten rooms in your home…when you use only three of them.
               While the majority of baby boomers are still in their “contemplation stage” there are many that have benefitted from this lifestyle leap already – the downsizing dilemma is on its way out. It’s only a matter of time until this demographic fully accepts and adjusts to this trend and begins to wholeheartedly embrace the change. With Ottawa having the largest baby boomer population per capita, you can be assured that once the acceptance of condo living for downsizers truly hits, and all that fear subsides, there will be a shift in the market. All of those large, family homes will be scattering the market and the competition will be fierce. You don’t want to be caught trying to sell your house in a buyers’ market, especially if you’re nearing retirement. Don’t you want to get top dollar for your home?!
                Don’t get left behind! Get started now and contact the Bennett Property Shop today! Be a front runner and you will benefit far greater than those who sit back and let their fear affect their future.
                 You can thank me later.

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