Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nepean Neighbourhood – Beautiful, Simple and Safe Suburban Living

With a population of 180,000, a humid temperate climate and a total area of 217 km2, Nepean is one of the simplest yet attractive neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Ontario. Whether it’s the easy suburban living or the great jobs in one of the many high-tech industries, it seems an increasing number of people – 8.5% increase every year – are moving to the Nepean neighbourhood.


Quite possibly, the most common reason people come to Nepean is for the affordable housing. Homes in Nepean can be found for as little as $140,000 and as high as $300,000.


With huge emphasis on the technology industry, including increasing funding, it is evident that Nepean attracts many job hunters. Full time jobs in the Nepean neighbourhood range from $30,000 and can go as high as 6-digits.


For many people, security is the single most important reason people move to Nepean in the first place. With an increasing number of residents, increased security is a necessity. Fortunately for Nepean residents, the security in the neighbourhood is high. Due to the increased efforts of local authorities, in joint work with its residents, the crime rate of Nepean has decreased by 9%.


Since the youth make up a majority of the population, great emphasis is placed on education, both public and private. Nepean has:

34 elementary schools, including Cedarview Middle School, Knoxdale Public School and Our Lady of Peace School.

9 secondary schools, including Bell High, Mother Teresa High, and Merivale High.

The Crystal Bay Centre for Special Education helps provide education to physically and/or mentally challenged students.

St. Patrick's Adult School is a school for continued learning where adults and senior citizens come back to learn.


There is a lot to do and see in Nepean at both night and day. History and art lovers will definitely appreciate the displays at the Nepean Museum on 16 Rowley Avenue. There are also:

·        2 beaches along Ottawa River

·        A multi-screen cinema near Bayshore

·        3 marinas,

·        A toboggan hill at 40 Cassidy Road (Bell high school)

·        An arts theatre

·        2 golf courses

·        Cross country skiing parks

·        An equestrian park

Considering all that it has to offer, Nepean is a rather unique neighbourhood. With great emphasis placed on education, the affordable housing and the great job opportunities, Nepean will be the biggest neighbourhoods in no time.
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